There Is Hope In 2020

Today is January 1, 2020. It’s a new year, a new decade, and the same old world. God has been at work in this world since before creation and He has not stopped now. For all the discouraging news stories, threats of war, and our increasingly provocative culture – I want you to know that God is not done. There is a tendency in our aging process to grow more pessimistic towards the world. As we sit here on the first day in 2020 (over 2,000 years after Christ’s death and resurrection) it could be easy to think that God is far off and has forgotten about us. The amount of evil that runs through our world is growing everyday and it can seem like we are fighting a losing battle. But this is not the whole story!

For all the things going wrong in our world, God is still working out His redemptive plan for humanity that begin before time and will end with all of God’s people with Him in Heaven for eternity. Do not lose hope! Romans 13:1 tells us that God appoints everyone in authority and that there is no authority other than God. This means that even though our global politicians seem to be more crooked and failing everyday, we can know that God in some way is using these people to bring about his ultimate redemptive plan for humanity. Everything that God does is for the good of His people and the exultation of His glory. Since God is sovereign over everything this means that He is working out goodness in every situation for the good of his people and ultimately for His glory. We can find peace and rest in that fact! That our sovereign, good God is in control and is constantly involved in this world! As believers we know how creation ends – with Jesus coming again and putting an end to sin and gathering his people to join God the Father in Heaven to spend eternity in perfect fellowship and harmony.

The point is that when we get bogged down with the pressures of life, remember that God is still in control. God is still working out his meta-narrative in our lives and Jesus will return as he promised. In the mean time, I urge you to build habits that will keep this truth in the forefront of your mind because, if you are anything like me, you will forget everything you just read when work starts back tomorrow morning. We truly are feeble creatures and God knew this would be the case. That is why he gave us the Bible – to daily read and feast on the truth and promises of God to keep our focus on Jesus and our hearts on hope.

Franklin Graham, founder of Samaritan’s Purse Ministries, spoke on Fox News about how Jesus is still the hope for humanity and he urges all Christians and churches to truly feast on the Word of God. He knew that a daily feasting on the Bible would help keep the promises of God in the forefront of our minds. This is what will help carry us through the mundane jobs we have to work, the sickness that keeps hitting your family, the hospital bills that keep pilling up, the rumors of wars, the terrorist attacks in our hometowns. Jesus is our hope in 2020 and forever! Trust in Him and feast on His Word.

Resources To Make the Bible A Part Of Your Everyday:

The Bible Project has a newsletter that takes you through the Bible in 365 days by way of reading and watching videos about the Bible. If you would like to receive this daily newsletter check out and scroll down their main page.

The Gospel Coalition and Crossway Publishing have partnered to create a devotional bible commentary that will take the reader through the Bible in one year that is matched with a devotional reading from the great 19th century pastor Robert Murray M’Cheyne and biblical articles that dive into the daily readings. If you would like to join the thousands of people following this plan called READ THE BIBLE you can subscribe to their newsletter here.

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